Policy Review Committee






Minutes of a meeting of Policy Review Committee held in the Council Chambers, 15 Forth Street, Invercargill on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 at 10.30am.





Rodney Dobson



Lyall Bailey



Stuart Baird



Brian Dillon



John Douglas



Paul Duffy



Bruce Ford



George Harpur



Julie Keast



Ebel Kremer



Gavin Macpherson



Neil Paterson



Mayor Gary Tong





Chief Executive Steve Ruru, Group Manager Environmental and Community Bruce Halligan, Group Manager Services and Assets Ian Marshall, General Manager Policy and Community Rex Capil, Strategy and Policy Manager Susan Cuthbert, Communications and Governance Manager Louise Pagan, Chief Information Officer Damon Campbell, Committee Advisor Debbie Webster, Chief Executive Venture Southland, Paul Casson, General Manager Events, Tourism and Community Venture Southland, Bobbi Brown, Community Development Planner Venture Southland, Juanita Thornton,  ILT Kidzone Festival Director Venture Southland, Sally Hayes, Group Manager Enterprise and Strategic Projects Venture Southland, Steve Canny and Trade and Media Marketing Coordinator Venture Southland, Hannah White.



Policy Review Committee

26 August 2015



1          Apologies


Apologies for absence were received from Crs Paterson, Macpherson and Harpur.  An apology for lateness was received from Cr Duffy.


Moved Cr Douglas, seconded Cr Keast and resolved that the Policy Review Committee accept the apologies.


2          Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.


3          Conflict of Interest


            There were no conflicts of interest declared.


4          Public Forum

There was no Public Forum.


5          Extraordinary/Urgent Items

There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.


6          Confirmation of Minutes


Moved Cr Bailey, seconded Cr Ford  and resolved that the Policy Review Committee confirms the minutes of the meeting held on 15 July 2015.



Reports for Recommendation



Action Sheet Report Policy Review Committee meeting 15 July 2015

Record No:         R/15/7/12943





Moved Cr Keast, seconded Cr Dillon and resolved that the Policy Review Committee:

a)         Receives the report titled “Action Sheet Report Policy Review Committee meeting 15 July 2015” dated 19 August 2015.

b)         Determines that this matter or decision be recognised not as significant in terms of Section 76 of the Local Government Act 2002.

c)         Determines that it has complied with the decision-making provisions of the Local Government Act 2002 to the extent necessary in relation to this decision; and in accordance with Section 79 of the Act determines that it does not require further information, further assessment of options or further analysis of costs and benefits or advantages and disadvantages prior to making a decision on this matter.







Report to Policy Review Committee - Venture Southland Community Development Update

Record No:         R/15/7/11569


Mrs Thornton spoke to her report on the research, plans and strategies and local initiatives of the Waihopai/Toetoes Ward.  Highlighting the Southland Cycling Strategy in conjunction with Sport Southland, Around the Mountains Cycle Trail, Southland Visitor Strategy, Volunteer Research, Declining Population Research (noting Natalie Jackson’s visit to Council for a workshop in November), Southland Heritage Research (75% completed) and Southern NZ Cruise Destination Strategy (looking at how to increase economic benefit for all of Southland). 


Local initiatives include the Curio Bay Natural Heritage Centre (reapplying to Lottery funding), Edendale Community Centre (plans drawn up to extend and upgrade the Edendale Rugby Club building), Wyndham Facilities Review, Edendale/Wyndham Pool Rating, Wyndham Museum, Brydone Community Centre, Southland Racers and Trainers Association and Edendale Scouts.  As well as Edendale School updating school mural, Glenham Tunnel, Wyndham War Memorial and Pine Bush installation of an information kiosk and memorial plaque.  Other local initiatives in Tokanui and the Catlins include Fortrose Foreshore, Tokanui Skate Park, South Catlins Promotions, Tokanui Golf Club, Tokanui Memorial Hall, Freedom Camping and Waikawa and the Ultra-Fast Broadband, Rural Broadband and Mobile Services.  Gorge Road initiatives include Gorge Road CDA and Gorge Road Jubilee Committee.  Woodlands initiatives include the Woodlands CDA exploring a walking track and the Woodlands Rugby Club fundraising for maintenance projects.




Moved Cr Keast, seconded Cr Kremer and resolved that the Policy Review Committee:

a)         Receives the report titled “Report to Policy Review Committee - Venture Southland Community Development Update” dated 13 August 2015.




2015 ILT Kidzone Festival Report

Record No:         R/15/8/13673


Mr Casson introduced Ms Hayes to the Policy Review Committee.  Ms Hayes acknowledged and thanked the Southland District Council for the support given to ILT Kidzone, noting the subsidised bus that bought families from all over Southland to the festival. 


A video presentation of highlights from the festival was shown to the Committee.  Ms Hayes noted 11,000 tickets were sold for the six day festival, which was supported by over 200 volunteers.  Cr Dobson asked if the volunteers were regulars from previous years.  Ms Hayes responded many of them were and often had attended the festival over the years growing into the role of a volunteer.  Cr Baird queried what was the percentage of rural people attending the festival.  Ms Hayes responded approximately 20%, however they could not track online ticket sales.  She also noted that some families came for two to three days of the festival and stayed in Invercargill for the duration.



Moved Cr Ford, seconded Cr Dillon and resolved that the Policy Review Committee:

a)         Receives the report titled “2015 ILT Kidzone Festival Report” dated 17 August 2015.




Southland Tourism Trade Product Opportunities

Record No:         R/15/8/14315


Mr Casson introduced Hannah White to the Policy Review Committee.  Mrs White spoke to the report noting it followed on from the 9 July presentation from Tourism New Zealand.  The report sets out what was happening in tourism, and in particular Southland, with its key characteristics and challenges.  It describes the importance of having unique selling points and the need for a regional approach in regards to maximising the opportunities of tourism.


Mrs White commented that Southland’s tourism is in its infancy and will be subject to a few teething problems.  A main issue was the lack of tourism product to offer visitors to the region.  Mrs White noted there is approximately 130 mostly free visitor products with only 16 of those being a commercial enterprise.  There needs to be a range of products to bring tourist visitors to Southland.  She highlighted point 20 of the report that gave ideas of products that could be developed as commercial products.


Mrs Brown commented there is an 6% growth in tourism predicated for Southland over the next year, so the need to look at commissionable product was pressing,  Venture Southland staff are looking at the opportunities.  Mrs Brown noted the Cruise Strategy will fit into the Southland Visitors Strategy creating a framework with a collaborative approach.  Mr Casson said the region needed to develop its natural strengths that visitors want and will pay for. 




Moved Cr Baird, seconded Cr Dillon and resolved that the Policy Review Committee:

a)         Receives the report titled “Southland Tourism Trade Product Opportunities” dated 13 August 2015. 




Southland Registration of Interest to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - Ultra Fast Broadband 2, Rural Broadband Initiative 2 and Mobile Blackspot Fund

Record No:         R/15/8/13374


Mr Canny spoke to the report noting Venture Southland prepared and submitted on 10 July 2015 a response to the Government’s Request for Proposal for the Rural Broadband (RBI) 2, Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) 2 and Mobile Blackspot Fund (MBSF).  The report provided an overview of the state of internet and mobile telecommunications revealed through the consultation process and the two bids submitted.




Mr Canny noted some of the key findings from the Southland Internet and Mobile Survey were 47% of rural and 39% of urban respondents reported they or their family regularly experienced problems with their mobile coverage which impacts on their lives.  48% of people in rural areas can use their mobile phone in their home, compared to 73% of people in urban areas. 


He also commented on the two bids, one was ‘The Compliant Bid’ which focused on a commitment to improving services in Southland and the development of new fibre optic cable services, wireless broadband and additional mobile services within a central government led framework and process.  The second was ‘The Alternative Bid’ focused on a regionally led deployment of services focused on a strategic investment in the enduring elements of the broadband and mobile infrastructure.  It promotes the continual deployment of region-wide fibre optic cable; to replace the ageing copper network and investment in hilltop towers; both of which are 50 year pieces of infrastructure. 


Cr Ford asked what efforts were being made in Stewart Island.  Mr Canny responded there is discussion with Chorus on services to Stewart Island being part of the core network improvement.  A key issue was service coverage.  There is a local working group vetting service provision.  He noted Stewart Island is a classic example where there is cover but no DMR to back wall.


Cr Duffy joined the meeting at 11.28am.




Moved Cr Dillon, seconded Cr Ford and resolved that the Policy Review Committee:

a)         Receives the report titled “Southland Registration of Interest to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment -  Ultra Fast Broadband 2, Rural Broadband Initiative 2 and Mobile Blackspot Fund” dated 19 August 2015.



The meeting closed at 11.30am.       CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Policy Review Committee HELD ON