Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee






Minutes of a meeting of Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee held in the Orepuki Hall, 30 Oldham Street, Orepuki on Tuesday, 8 March 2016 at 6.05pm.





Brian McGrath



Martin Forde



Alastair McCracken



Marg McCullough



Jeanette Sellwood



Rodney Dobson





Community Engineer

Greg Erskine


Committee Advisor

Alyson Hamilton



Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee

08 March 2016



1          Apologies


Moved Member Forde, seconded Member McCracken and resolved:

That the apology for non-attendance lodged by Member Black be accepted.


2          Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence received.


3          Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.


4          Public Forum

There were no members of the public seeking speaking rights in the Public Forum section of the meeting.


5          Extraordinary/Urgent Items

There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.


6          Confirmation of Minutes



Moved Member McGrath, seconded Member McCullough  and resolved:

That the minutes of Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee held on 10 November 2015 be confirmed as a true and correct record.


7          Reports



Action Sheet

Record No:         R/16/2/2999


The Action Sheet from the subcommittee’s previous meetings was circulated for Members information.


The subcommittee was informed as follows;


Information Kiosk


The meeting was informed Kay Rowan, author of the recently released Orepuki township booklet, has agreed to assist with collating of information required for the Kiosk.


Following discussion it was agreed to progress this project at an informal meeting to be held prior to the next meeting of the subcommittee, such meeting to include the graphics staff involved with this project with the view of collating and finalising the information so this project can be completed.




Hirstfield Reserve


Member McCullough raised the issue of the Hirstfield Reserve Committee.


Mrs McCullough explained that in her role as secretary to the Reserve committee correspondence has been received from Council Property staff seeking confirmation from the committee regarding the usage of the Sports Field in particular the mowing of the common area between the bowling club and the sports field, which is currently being mown by the council contractor and funded by the CDA.


Member McCullough advised an informal meeting of the Hirstfield Reserve Committee resulted in that Committee agreeing that the contractor be retained to mow the area and that a donation from the Hirstfield committee be forwarded to the CDA to cover this cost.


It was agreed the Community Engineer forward this costing to Mrs McCullough and that staff arrange an invoice be forwarded annually to the Hirstfield Committee.




Moved Member Sellwood, seconded Member McCracken  and resolved:

That the Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee:

a)         Receives the report titled “Action Sheet” dated 1 March 2016.


b)         Determines that this matter or decision be recognised as not significant in terms of Section 76 of the Local Government Act 2002.

c)         Determines that it has complied with the decision-making provisions of the Local Government Act 2002 to the extent necessary in relation to this decision; and in accordance with Section 79 of the Act determines that it does not require further information, further assessment of options or further analysis of costs and benefits or advantages and disadvantages prior to making a decision on this matter.

d)         Requests staff forward costings of mowing the sports field situated at the Hirstfield Reserve to the Hirstfield Reserve Committee and that an annual invoice be generated to same.



Works and Finance Report to Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee for the period ended 31 January 2016

Record No:         R/16/2/2452


The Works and Finance report for the period ended 30 September 2015, was tabled.


The subcommittee was informed as follows;


§  The Orepuki Township had a successful sesquicentennial celebration during the week of 16-22 November 2015.


§  Additional signage has been placed at the entrance/exit at Gemstone beach and New Zealand Transport Agency has confirmed this intersection has been included in their safety improvement programme. The date of this work is yet to be confirmed by the Agency.



Moved Member McCracken, seconded Member Forde  and resolved:

That the Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee:

a)            Receives the report titled “Works and Finance Report to Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee for the period ended 31 January 2016” dated 3 March 2016.


8        Updates



Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson, Member McGrath, presented a verbal report highlighting the following issues;


Draft Variation to the District Plan


The Chair informed submissions to the above variation are due by Friday, 11 March 2016 and suggested a submission be forwarded by the subcommittee in support of the variation.


Following discussion the meeting agreed that a submission be forwarded by the subcommittee by the due date with content to be decided at an informal meeting scheduled to be held at the conclusion of this meeting.


Orepuki CDA Rating Boundary


The Chair presented to the subcommittee maps prepared by staff highlighting an extended area of the rating boundary as proposed by the subcommittee and also as proposed by staff.


The meeting agreed that further discussion on the council proposal is required with the community, and requested staff arrange and attend a public meeting to discuss the reasoning of the staff proposed rating boundary and to give the residents clarity on the proposal.


It was further agreed that in the first instance Finance staff attend the next meeting of the subcommittee and discuss the proposed boundary change as highlighted on the maps.


School Bus Route


The meeting was informed of a change in the school bus route advising it is intended for the bus to stop at the Monkey Island corner and not enter the township.


The Community Engineer expressed concern at the lack of area for the school bus to turn at this corner and advised this has the potential to be a safety issue.


The meeting requested Mr Erskine liaise with Member McCracken and investigate this matter and report back to the subcommittee.


Gemstone Beach


The Chair advised of on-going erosion issues at Gemstone Beach.



Councillor's Report


Councillor Dobson reported on matters from the District Council table. These being:-

§  Resource Management Hearing set down for Friday, 18 March 2016

§  Around the Mountain Cycle Trail – Environment Court Hearing

§  Annual Plan Submissions closed – Hearing scheduled April 2016



The meeting concluded at 7.45pm    CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Orepuki Community Development Area Subcommittee HELD ON 8 MARCH 2016.