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Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Project Subcommittee Agenda - Late Items





Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Project Subcommittee

27 September 2016




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8.2       Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Construction Progress and Programme for Completion of Stage Two.                                                                                            3  


Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Project Subcommittee

27 September 2016



Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Construction Progress and Programme for Completion of Stage Two.

Record No:        R/16/9/15446

Author:                 Ian Marshall, Group Manager Services and Assets

Approved by:       Ian Marshall, Group Manager Services and Assets


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1        The purpose of this report is to inform members of the subcommittee of the planning timeframes for the completion of the cycle trail based on various assumptions and likely scenarios.

2        The report is for information only at this point as there is very little that can proceed until the Environment Court release their findings on the consent appeal



3        The cycle trail is made up of two stages these stages are split into 9 sections.  Stage One is made up of sections 1 through 5.  Stage Two is made up of sections 6 through 9.

4        Seven sections of the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail have been completed.  The last of these was completed in December 2015.

5        The completed sections are sections one to five that make up Stage One of the trail and sections six and seven that are part of Stage Two.  The remainder of Stage Two is made up of Section eight, which is the subject of a Resource Management Act consent appeal, and section nine which is predominantly on the Mount Nicholas Road.

6        The most complex and expensive part of the trail, on a cost per metre basis, yet to be constructed is section eight.  This section cannot be built until resource consent is granted.

7        The major constraints that have to be taken into account in planning how the trail could be completed are all associated with section eight, the granting or not of the resource consent and the conditions that would be imposed if consent is granted


Constraints to Trail Completion

8        In planning how and when the trail could be completed it is necessary to make certain assumptions and then to acknowledge the constraints that will exist and plan how to avoid or mitigate those constraints.

9        The Environment Court decision regarding the resource Consent for Section 8 is expected in December 2016. If this consent is granted free of appeals there are associated constraints that will affect the construction;

·        The Resource Consent conditions imposed in the consent.

·        Spawning season 1 May to 30 November no-work in the river period.

·        Nesting birds no-work period

·        Bridge timber ageing (2 months).  To prevent leaching of chemicals.

·        Environmental constraints on construction (Environmental Management Plan) likely to be a consent condition.

·        Gravel extraction and crushing consents concessions from DOC

10      Weather and ground conditions

·        Climatic and ground conditions, coupled with reduced daylight hours makes construction between mid May and mid Sept difficult and potentially costly

·        Construction on some areas may be viable whilst others are not.

·        Bridges may be able to be built at times when track construction may not be viable.  Although access to the bridge sites would need to be available.

11      Landowner constraints

·        Landcorp would prefer if no trail construction work were carried out alongside lambing/calving paddocks. 1 Sept to 31 Oct.

·        Butson land access agreement (Section 9, Mount Nicholas Station) yet to be signed allowing processing of QLDC RC application for the shelter and BC for suspension bridge.  This is progressing.

12      Given these constraints there are three major milestones to be achieved;

·        Develop business case to complete the Trail and have Southland District Council approve or decline.

·        Complete Trail design on approved route, prepare and let separate track and bridge tenders for construction within known constraints

·        Obtain competent, experienced contractors with appropriate resources to undertake the contracts.

Risk Register and Project Plan

13      All of these constraints have been incorporated in a project plan and a risk register that will be presented as a separate document supporting this report.

14      It can be seen from the project plan that the earliest probable completion will be late in 2017.  If there are delays, unexpected complications, bad weather or problems with contractor’s performance the completion could easily extend out to the end of 2018.

15      The critical step after clear consent is issued is for the Council to approve the business case for the completion of the trail.  At this point in time there is no mandate from the Council to undertake any work on sections eight or nine.

16      Given the criticality of the development and approval of the business case it would be prudent to pre-plan how the business case could be developed and to engage the necessary expertise to prepare the business case even before the consent decision is announced.

17      This preplanning would involve selecting the experts to prepare the case and ‘booking them in’ to do the work as soon as the decision is announced.  In the event the Court does not grant consent then the consultant could be stood down.

18      Preparation work for contract documentation could also be carried out although documents cannot be finalised until detailed design work has been carried out.  The decision from the Court is needed to inform the brief for the detailed design work hence little or no progress can be made on this element without the risk of design work having to be discarded or reworked once the decision is released.




That the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Project Subcommittee:

a)         Receives the report titled “Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Construction Progress and Programme for Completion of Stage Two.” dated 26 September 2016.


b)         Notes the importance of the development of the business case as the next critical path element of work which cannot be completed until a clear decision is issued by the Environment Court.


c)         Notes the significant number of constraints that will impact on the potential construction start and end times for construction of section eight of the trail and that the potential completion date could be as late as Dec 2018.



Around the Mountains Risk Register (1 page)

Master Programme – Around the Mountains (3 pages)