Limehills/Centre Bush Community Development Area Subcommittee





Minutes of a meeting of Limehills/Centre Bush Community Development Area Subcommittee held in the Limehills Community Centre on Tuesday, 13 June 2017 at 7.00pm.





David Kean


Deputy Chairperson

Garry Cooper



Jonathan Cooney



Alistair Henderson



Kirsty Rodger



Neville Stirling



Councillor Darren Frazer





Committee Advisor

Alyson Hamilton


Community Partnership Leader

Michelle Stevenson



Limehills/Centre Bush Community Development Area Subcommittee

13 June 2017



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Reports for Recommendation



Shower Hot Water System Replacement

Record No:         R/17/6/12309


Michelle Stevenson (Community Partnerships Leader) presented the report.


Ms Stevenson advised at a previous meeting of the subcommittee raised concerns at the current electrical system in the community centre which is failing due to age as well as the existing water cylinders which are perishing and need to be replaced.


Ms Stevenson commented that earlier Members requested consideration be given to the current system being upgraded to gas hot water for greater efficiency and instant hot water for users and requested staff obtain quotes for this work.

Ms Stevenson informed Council staff has sourced two quotes from Registered Gas Fitters for the gas hot water upgrade in the hall.  These being:

§  Southern Gas Limited - $17,869 (plus GST)

§  Goodman Plumbing - $18,197 (plus GST)

Ms Stevenson advised the upgrade to gas hot water in the hall will allow for a four bottle caged station of 90 kg bottles. 

Members noted there is an annual contract with local providers approximately $150pa.  The refill cost per gas bottle is approximately $110.


Ms Stevenson explained the gas hot water upgrade will have storage of gas exceeding 90kgs and will require an annual HSNO survey conducted every three years.  The approximate cost for each survey will be $400.

Ms Stevenson added the total cost of this upgrade in the first three years based on the highest quote, excluding gas bottle refill, is $19,047.


Ms Stevenson advised the 2015/25 Long Term Plan (LTP) has $7,168 allocated toward this project, with an additional project of a kitchen upgrade with $10,000 allocated.


Members were advised the full cost of upgrading the community centre hot water cylinders to gas hot water will exceed the allocated amount of $7,168, and will be either $17,869 (plus GST) or $18,197 (plus GST) based on the two quotes received.


Members noted the current gas hot water upgrade does not include gas hot water to the kitchen.


The Chair raised the issue of including gas hot water to the kitchen suggesting that whilst this project is scheduled in the 2018/2028 LTP that this work be brought forward and be undertaken in conjunction with the current gas hot water upgrade.  Member Kean advised a separate quote of $1,000 has been received for this work and sought subcommittee support to recommend to Council to progress this work.


Following discussion the subcommittee agreed to delay the kitchen upgrade to allocate those funds to the gas hot water upgrade…It was further agreed that it be recommended to Council that a gas water heater be installed in the kitchen with funding of a $1,000 be transferred from the community centre operational budget 2017/18.




Moved Member Henderson, seconded Deputy Chairperson Cooper  and resolved:

That the Limehills/Centre Bush Community Development Area Subcommittee:

a)         Receives the report titled “Shower Hot Water System Replacement” dated 7 June 2017.


b)         That Council proceed with the gas hot water upgrade of the Limehills/Centre Bush Hall at a cost of $17,869 (plus GST).


c)         That an additional $1,000 be brought forward from the community centre budget 2017/2018 to install a gas hot water system in the kitchen.





The meeting concluded at 7.25pm                CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Limehills/Centre Bush Community Development Area Subcommittee HELD ON TUESDAY, 13 JUNE 2017.