Winton Community Board





Minutes of a meeting of Winton Community Board held in the Southland District Council Office, Wemyss Street, Winton on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 at 5.30pm.





Brian Somerville


Deputy Chairperson

Geoffrey Jukes



Natasha Mangels



Doreen McNaught



Neville McPherson



Peter Schmidt



Councillor Neil Paterson





Committee Advisor

Alyson Hamilton


Community Partnership Leader

Michelle Stevenson



Winton Community Board

06 June 2017



1          Apologies


There were no apologies received.


2          Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.


3          Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.


4          Public Forum


Jeannette Topham and Suzanne Hanning


Mrs Topham and Mrs Hanning introduced themselves to the meeting advising that they are involved in forming Catchment Groups (currently 18 in total)  which are spread all over Southland with the view of being proactive in protecting local waterways as opposed to what is being proposed in the Environment Southland Land and Water Plan.


Mrs Topham explained that representatives from each of the 18 groups meet two monthly and also meet bimonthly with staff from Environment Southland to discuss issues raised within particular areas and seeking suggestions from Environment Southland staff.


Mrs Topham advised the Groups purpose is protecting local waterways and finding solutions that work in the Southland area as opposed to the draft plan which places unreasonable demands on land owners.


Mrs Topham added it is intended to collate all information from community level and communicate to the public with the view of there being cohesion between all groups within Southland so everyone is doing the same thing.


Member noted it is intended to keep discussions at community level (non-political).


A question / answer forum took place with Mrs Topham and Mrs Hanning responding to queries from the Board.


The Chair, Member Somerville, expressed appreciation to Mrs Topham and Mrs Hanning for their presentation and attendance at the meeting.


5          Extraordinary/Urgent Items


There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.


6          Confirmation of Minutes



Moved Deputy Chairperson Jukes, seconded Member Mangels  and resolved:

That the minutes of Winton Community Board meeting held on 3 April 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record.





Council Report

Record No:         R/17/5/11062



Community Partnerships Leader, Michelle Stevenson presented the report.


Ms Stevenson advised the purpose of the report is to provide an overview of key issues across the Southland District, as well as high level local issues from various Council units.


Ms Stevenson informed the report highlighted various issues of interest including;


§  Te Anau Wastewater Discharge Project

§  Southland Regional Development Strategy (SoRDS)

§  Fresh Water Management

§  Building Control

§  New Dog Registration Discounts

§  Freedom Camping Bylaw

§  Notice of Requirement (Realign State Highway 1 - Edendale)

§  Community Governance Project and Representation Review Project Update

§  Stewart Island Wharves


Ms Stevenson advised two pieces of research recently undertaken have been completed; the Stewart Island Community Facilities Assessment and the Community Organisation and Volunteer sector research.  Ms Stevenson explained once these have been received by Council they will be made available to the wider public and interested parties. 


The Board was informed the Community Development team are organising free workshops for volunteers “Surviving and Thriving as a Volunteer Organisation” in June/July in partnership with Southland Community Law.   Members noted the Winton workshop is scheduled for 21 June 2017 from 6.30 - 9pm.


Members noted the Winton cemetery levelling and lichen spraying of footpaths has been completed, and stormwater renewals completed at $15,000. RSA gates painting has also now been completed.


Ms Stevenson advised the Winton Rising Watermain Project (that commenced in early November 2016) is nearing completion.   Ms Stevenson explained this project entailed the installation of almost 5 kilometres of pipeline to assist with providing a reliable and robust water supply to the Winton consumers.

The Board was informed the project has been delayed overall by approximately 4 weeks; this was due to material supply from Hamilton and on-site resources.

The project is set to be completed prior to 1 July 2017 and will be delivered $100K below budget.  The meeting noted the total value of this project is just under $1M.

Ms Stevenson advised the Winton Stormwater renewal project (between Eglington and De Joux Road) will be extended to an investigation scope of $80,000 from the original budget of $50,000.  Ms Stevenson explained the condition of the main is poor and Council staff determine as much information as possible will be needed to inform a competitive contract price.

Ms Stevenson added any loan required for this extended scope may be off-set by the $34,000 underspent in the Meldrum Street project.





Moved Member Mangels, seconded Member Schmidt  and resolved:

That the Winton Community Board:

a)         Receives the report titled “Council Report” dated 23 May 2017.





Chairperson's Report



The Chair, Member Somerville, reported on activities he has been involved since the Board’s last meeting.  This included the following:


×          Attendance at recent Community Board and CDA Chairperson’s meeting held in the Invercargill office.

×          Representation Review and Community Governance Project update.

×          Fill the Gaps meeting update.

×          Memorial Hall Hire rates revisited by the Board to be effective 1 July 2017.

×          Appreciation to Member McPherson for making trolleys for the Hall.

×          Update on Emergency Management workshop.

×          Update on items for Winton to be included in the Long Term Plan (LTP).

×          Update on meeting with Matt Keil (Senior Projects Engineer, Water and Waste) regarding the stormwater project and funding of same.


Member Schmidt presented a copy of draft designs of proposed signage for the three entrances to the township for members perusal.


It was agreed that further discussions on design options be undertaken at the next workshop scheduled for the Board.



Councillor's Report


Councillor Paterson reported on activities from the District Council table. These included:

×          Advice the Hokonui Hall is closing, tables and chairs are available for collection to interested parties

×          Request from Oreti Hall at the possibility of obtaining the old tables from the Winton Hall (situated under the stage)

×          Around the Mountain Cycle Trail update

×          Adoption of Annual Plan

Councillor Paterson sought feedback from Members that he can report back to the Council table.



The meeting concluded at 7.05pm                CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Winton Community Board HELD ON TUESDAY, 6 MAY 2017.