Otautau Community Board





Minutes of a meeting of Otautau Community Board held in the Southland District Council Office, 176 Main Street, Otautau on Thursday, 17 August 2017 at 2.05pm.





André Bekhuis


Deputy Chairperson

Peter Gutsell



Maureen Johnston



Amber Joyce





Committee Advisor

Alyson Hamilton


Community Partnership Leader

Simon Moran



Otautau Community Board

17 August 2017



1          Apologies



Moved Member Gutsell, seconded Member Johnston  and resolved:

That the Otautau Community Board accept the apology for non-attendance from Members Marshall, Cowie and Councillor Baird.


2          Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.


3          Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.


4          Public Forum


Robyn Guyton


Mrs Guyton addressed the meeting advising of a new initiative being undertaken by the South Coast Environment Society, the first of its type in New Zealand. Mrs Guyton explained the project incorporates a network of heritage orchard parks throughout Southland.


Mrs Guyton advised that following many years of work and research the Society have visited over 100 of the oldest orchard remnants of 19th century and early 20th century orchards in Southland and now have 600 grafted trees growing in a nursery situation ready for transplanting back into the communities from which they came.


The meeting was advised that the Society are seeking assistance from Council through Community Boards and Community Development Area Subcommittees to assist the Society in locating permanent homes for the tree varieties of which will be planted in the original family orchard sets.


Mrs Guyton advised the trees will be permanently labelled with etched wood numbers/names with information to be published in an informative booklet with photos and stories of the orchards, the settlers and trees that are planted.


Mrs Guyton confirmed that the Society is prepared to donate the trees, offer maintenance advice, as well as erecting appropriate plaques pertaining to the community.


Members queried if the trees could be planted on roadsides; Mrs Guyton felt a park is the better option with better protection for the trees.


The Chair expressed appreciation to the Mrs Guyton on her attendance at the meeting and presentation to the Board.


Members proceeded to discuss suitable sites within Otautau township for a proposed orchard. It was agreed that the Board Chair liaise with Mrs Guyton on a suitable area for the establishment of an orchard.


Owen Thomas


Mr Thomas gave an update on emergency management activities in Otautau.


Mr Thomas advised membership of the local civil defence team has dwindled to 4-5 persons, however he believed in the event of an emergency Otautau will receive support from the Emergency Management Southland team whose headquarters are situated in the Environment Southland offices in Invercargill.


Mr Thomas explained that the Emergency Management Southland team make the decisions which includes evacuation, and it is the role of the local teams to supply information to the Headquarters on the major incident that may occur and make recommendations. Mr Thomas added it is the local teams first priority to ensure their families are safe.


Mr Thomas responded to a query regarding sandbagging as Otautau is more than likely to be flooded, advising that a local contractor has been contracted to fill sand bags and get them to the areas of concern which means that local persons are not required to undertake this task.


Mr Thomas advised he intends to undertake recruitment work over the summer to enlist more volunteers.  Mr Thomas added it is difficult to keep volunteers and to keep up training when there is no actual disaster.


Member Gutsell expressed concern at the limited number of volunteers and also expressed his concerns at the lack of maintenance to the river especially the gravel island build-up under the bridge and also the grass build-up which he added has the potential to cause flooding.


Members noted that the existing civil defence equipment in Otautau has not been maintained and has deteriorated.


Mr Thomas advised there is warning equipment in the river to indicate height of water and this is continually monitored both onsite and at Emergency Management Southland headquarters.  Mr Thomas added alarms are raised when the river reaches certain levels.   Mr Thomas commented that since the 1987 flood and since the establishment of the flood banks there has been no water across the bridge, however it has run very close.


Mr Thomas advised in response to the gravel build up under the bridge Environment Southland staff have models of the river and keep an eye on river activity. The figures say the river levels are staying constant.


            The Chair expressed appreciation to Mr Thomas on his attendance at the meeting and presentation to the Board.


5          Extraordinary/Urgent Items


There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.


6          Confirmation of Minutes



Moved Member Joyce, seconded Member Johnston  and resolved:

That the minutes of Otautau Community Board meeting held on 15 June 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record.





Unbudgeted Expenditure - CCTV Investigation of Main Street Water Main

Record No:         R/17/7/15870


Alyson Hamilton (Committee Advisor), presented the report.


Mrs Hamilton advised the purpose of the report is for the Board to consider and approve unbudgeted expenditure in the amount of $6,387.50 (excl GST) in order to carry out a CCTV investigation into the state of the Main Street, Otautau water main.


The Board noted the current water main pipe on Main Street, Otautau was laid in 1905 and staff wish to investigate the current state of the pipe via CCTV technology so as to be properly informed of the likely lifespan of the pipework.


The Board was advised this unbudgeted expenditure is to be made from the Otautau Stormwater reserve, current balance being as at 30 June 2017 is $219,819.




Moved Member Johnston, seconded Member Joyce  and resolved:

That the Otautau Community Board:

a)         Receives the report titled “Unbudgeted Expenditure - CCTV Investigation of Main Street Water Main” dated 11 August 2017.


b)         Approves the unbudgeted expenditure of $6,387.50 (excl. GST) in order to carry out a CCTV investigation into the Main Street, Otautau water main, such payment to be made from the Otautau Stormwater Reserve.



Council Report

Record No:         R/17/7/15752


Simon Moran (Community Partnerships Leader) presented the report.


Mr Moran advised the purpose of the report is to provide an overview of key issues across the Southland District, as well as high level local issues from various Council units.


Mr Moran informed the report highlighted various issues of interest including;


§   Tourism Infrastructure Fund

§   Representation Review

§   Community Conversations

§   Residents Survey

§   2017/2018 Annual Plan

§   2018 - 2028 10 year plan

§   Service Delivery Scoping Project


§   Civil Defence Review

Mr Moran advised Central Government have decided to carry out a review of the way in which natural disasters and other emergencies are currently managed by the existing civil defence structures.


Mr Moran explained the review is described as “better response to natural disasters and other emergencies in New Zealand” and will be led by a Technical Advisory Group (“TAG”) which is chaired by Hon Roger Sowry.


Mr Moran added staff will continue to monitor the review as it proceeds and report on any outcomes of significance to Southland.


§   Rural Fire

Mr Moran commented the transition process to merge Rural Fire Authorities with the NZ Fire Service to create Fire and Emergency Management New Zealand (FENZ) was completed with the establishment of FENZ on 1 July 2017. 


Mr Moran added this included the transfer of all Rural Fire Southland staff and assets into the new structure.


§  Open Spaces Strategy

Mr Moran advised Council adopted, in late 2014, an Open Spaces Strategy to set a strategic framework within which the provision and planning for reserves and other open spaces owned by Council could be managed.


Mr Moran informed staff are now having work advanced to:


Ø  Assess current usage and the issues associated with the current open space network relative to community demand


Ø  Assess the extent to which the network is currently ‘fit for purpose’ and understand any gaps that might need to be addressed


Ø  Develop a prioritised work programme for the district as a whole to ensure that Council can deliver on its overall strategic goals.


Mr Moran explained the outputs from the prioritised work programme can be used to inform the 2018 10 Year Plan and any future grant applications that Council may wish to make.

Mr Moran added it is important to recognise that the programme will look at the priorities from a district wide perspective. There is a risk that individual communities (including Community Boards and CDAs) may have a view on priorities that is different to that which is established at the district level.


§  Otautau Community Swimming Pool

Mr Moran advised a request has been received from the Otautau Community Swimming Pool Incorporated advising the committee is in the process of applying for funding from the Lotteries Commission to proceed with their plan to reclad and reheat the pool.


Mr Moran explained the Committee is seeking a letter of support from the Board to accompany their funding application.


The Board commented that they support the Otautau Community Swimming Pool project and agreed a letter of support be forwarded to that Committee in support of their funding application.


§  Otautau Camping Ground Upgrade

Mr Moran advised KGR Architectural Design are currently working to prepare the plans for the building consent process.  Costing for the works will be prepared by staff prior to the tender process commencing. 

Mr Moran outlined the general scope of planned works include;

×          Demolition and removal of all joinery, existing partitions and doors.  Removal of bathroom facilities and removal of some concrete flooring in preparation of installation of new ablution facilities.

×          Addition of a unisex accessible bathroom and new laundry room

×          Electrical works include sensor interior and exterior lightings, automatic hand dryers, installation of coin operating “user pays” systems for laundry, shower and cooking facilities

×          New roof and window joinery

×          Painting of building interior

×          New 2.25m wide verandah around three sides of the building.

Members noted the budget for this work has not been formally amended since the $240,000 budget was included in the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan.   Members were advised approximately $20,000 of this budget has been spent to date on the drafting of building and landscape plans.

Mr Moran explained in approximately April 2016, Members agreed at an informal meeting to scale back the works included in the original project scope which involved essentially doubling the size of the building.  Mr Moran added the decision was made at the time because the costings (as scoped by an independent quantity surveyor) came back in excess of $300,000 and Members agreed it would be not prudent to spend so much of the town’s reserves on one project.


The Chair updated the Board on his involvement of the project to date expressing his concerns and frustration at delays occurring with this project. 


The Chair proceeded to explain the revised floor plan provided for Members information highlighting the general scope of work and the accompanying notes.


Members expressed confusion at the plans, querying the difference from the last set of plans presented to the Board.   For this reason Mr Moran requested the points highlighted by the Chair be recorded due to the varying plans and scope of work that has been previously circulated.


The Chair explained the general scope of work included;






§  Remove all joinery

§  Remove all existing partitions and doors

§  Remove exiting WC’s, Basins, sink, cisterns, showers, zips and all associated plumbing

§  Remove concrete urinal base, walls and associated plumbing

§  Cut and remove floor as required for new showers and drain channel

§  Grind existing floor for keying in new topping slab

§  Cut and remove existing concrete for new floor wc wastes and wash basin waste

§  Cut existing concrete block wall as required for new openings


§  Pour 100mm concrete topping slab to existing concrete slab, allow to form gradual slope

§  New 100mm concrete paving as shown


§  Allow to construct two additions as shown with 15 series block veneer as designed by Engineer, refer Engineer details

§  Install new toilet and shower partitions

§  Install new mirrors, toilet roll holders and soap dispensers

§  Install new toilet signage and accessible signage


To be included

§  New roof

§  Aluminium window joinery


§  Install new wc’s as shown

§  Install new showers as shown

§  Install new stainless steel basins and mixers

§  Install new waste drainage and gully traps

§  Install new air admittance valves

§  New Gas Califont

§  Design new soak holes for stormwater catchment


§  Install sensor interior and exterior lights

§  Install automatic hand dryers

§  Install coin operated “user pays” systems

§  Install selected ceiling mounted EnergoStrips

Floor coverings

§  Lay new duplex decorative terrazzite flooring coved 120mm to shower enclosures, accessible unisex sh/wc


§  Re-paint all windows and door reveals, ceiling cornices, existing doors and new doors, internal face of existing concrete block walls


§  Full height ‘shower board” laminex compact sheet partitions by Molloy Joinery. Nuplex Decorative Terrazzite flooring with 1:8 foil to drain channel. With curtain. Shower cubicle’s to be fitted with 3 hooks and fold down seal. Loose laid duck boards to drying space in cubical. Manrose Mechanical ventilation




The Chair proceeded to explain the Notes accompanying the revised plan as follows;


§  17* existing roof pitch

4* verandah roof pitch

Polycarbonate tinted roofing in True Oak profile

§  2400 existing concrete block height

2400 new 15 series concrete block

§  Approximate site elevation of 69m high wing zone

§  Wall cladding 15 series concrete block by engineer

§  Toilet partitions supplied by Molloy Joinery, partitions shall be Hale Privacy partitions or similar (full height)

§  Shower doors and partition to be shower board Laminex Compact sheets by Molloy Joinery. Timber framed Aluminium fixed louvers above joinery doors for ventilation

§  New and existing ceilings - 12mm plywood to batons. Seratone lining over plywood

§  Insulation - R.3.6 Ceiling Batts to existing ceilings over kitchen/dining

§  Floor Covering - 100mmconcrete topping slab to Unisex showers and toilets - Nuplex decorative Terrazzite covered impervious system to new unisex showers and accessible unisex shower area

§  Re-paint existing concrete block walls to Dining and Kitchen area

§  Position of existing meter board          not being shifted

§  Position of existing man hole               not being shifted

§  Selected coin operated “user pays” systems for the use of showers, laundry and cooking facilities                           suggest use of tokens

§  Sensor lights with delay timers to all areas

§  Ceiling mounted Energotech EnergoStrip heaters to kitchen/dining area


Member Gutsell commented that it is intended to utilize some of the assets from the now demolished Town Hall for use at the camping ground upgrade


Mr Moran advised the next step is detailed plans and costings; and a formal report be presented to the Board possibly at an extra-ordinary meeting.


Mr Moran commented in regards to the Board’s finances expenditure is below budget in several areas, most notably stormwater drainage, hall and the swimming pool.  Mr Moran added additional funds not spent in these areas are budgeted to be transferred to reserves.


Mr Moran further advised in regards to capital expenditure, the $18,000 project for Holt Park extension, related to the resealing of the car park has been completed but not yet charged to the Board.




Moved Member Johnston, seconded Member Gutsell  

That the Otautau Community Board:

a)         Receives the report titled “Council Report” dated 11 August 2017.

b)         Requests a letter of support be forwarded to the Otautau Community Swimming Pool to accompany their funding application to the Lotteries Commission.




The meeting concluded at 4pm                     CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Otautau Community Board HELD ON THURSDAY, 17 AUGUST 2017