Ohai Community Development Area Subcommittee





Minutes of a Public meeting of the Ohai Community held in the Ohai Hall, 10 Richmond Street, Ohai on Monday, 29 January 2018 at 6.30pm.




Councillor Perham

Councillor Harpur

Members of the public as per attached attendance register




Manager, Governance and Democracy

Clare Sullivan


Committee Advisor

Alyson Hamilton


Community Partnership Leader

Kelly Tagg



Ohai Community Development Area Subcommittee

29 January 2018


1             Welcome and Purpose of Meeting


Councillor Perham opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance advising the purpose of the meeting is to elect two new members to the Ohai Community Development Area subcommittee (CDA) due to the resignation of two of its members.


Councillor Perham explained candidates must reside within the Ohai CDA boundary to be nominated to the subcommittee.


Councillor Perham re-minded attendees of the Council Governance structure i.e. the Southland District Council (1 Mayor and 12 Councillors) is the territorial authority and the Local Government Act 2002 sets out how Council can delegate decisionmaking, but acknowledges Council is ultimately responsible for the delegated decision.


Councillor Perham advised that Southland District Council approved at its 26 October 2016 meeting the Community Development Area Subcommittees (CDA) Terms of Reference which clearly define the scope, membership, and delegations of subcommittee’s.


Councillor Perham advised it is important to note that CDA’s are Subcommittees of Council and as a consequence of this they are part of the Council governance structure. Therefore as an elected representative Subcommittee members represent Council and are part of Council. Subcommittees are not “ratepayers associations” or Council “watchdogs” but in a positive and constructive way assist in contributing to Council delivery of quality services and activities for the betterment of the communities Council serves. 


Councillor Perham informed Subcommittees operate as per the terms of reference and members are required to operate as per the Southland District Council Code of Conduct which all members for this triennium will receive as part of the first Subcommittee meeting and induction process for elected members.


All present were requested to sign the attendance register (which is attached to the minutes).


21           Apologies


Apology for lateness was received from Martin Anderson.


Moved Sue Samson, seconded Kelly Day and resolved that the late apology be accepted.


3             Election and Appointment of Scrutineers


Councillor Perham called for nominations from the public at the meeting to fill the two vacant positions on the Ohai Community Development Area Subcommittee for the balance of the 2016/2019 Triennium.








Clare Miller

Chris Mangion

Wilfred Peard

Megan Anderson

Clare Miller

Mark Miller

John Hogg

Sue Samson

Wilfred Peard

Vanessa McGeoch

Kelly Day

Chris Magnion

Sue Samson

John Hogg

Kelly Day

Kathy Peard

Kelly Day

Chris Magnion


It was noted two nominations did not comply with the Terms of Reference applicable to CDA’s these being John Hogg and Sue Samson.


At this point John Hogg and Sue Samson advised they wished to withdraw their nominations.


Councillor Perham advised that due to John Hogg and Sue Sampson withdrawing their nominations there are now four nominations for two positions therefore an election was necessary and called for nominations for two scrutineers.


Moved Kelly Day, seconded Sue Samson  and resolved that Councillor Harpur and Clare Sullivan be appointed as scrutineers.


4             Announcements of Results and Conclusion of Meeting


Following the counting of the votes Councillor Perham advised that the successful nominees for the two vacancies on the Ohai Community Development Area Subcommittee for the balance of the 2016 – 2019 term are Clare Miller and Vanessa McGeoch.


Moved Councillor Perham, seconded Kelly Day  and resolved:

a)      That Clare Miller and Vanessa McGeoch be elected to the Ohai Community Development Area Subcommittee for the balance of the 2016-2019 Triennium.


b)     That the voting papers be destroyed.



The meeting concluded at 7.10pm                       CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE PUBLIC MEETING HELD ON MONDAY, 29 JANUARY 2018.