Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee






Minutes of a meeting of Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee held in the Mossburn Fire Station,, 45 Devon Street, Mossburn on Monday, 19 March 2018 at 6.30pm.





Jim Guyton






Alister Macdonald



John MacKenzie



Ged Newlands



Councillor John Douglas





Committee Advisor

Rose Knowles

Community Partnership Leader

Kelly Tagg


Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee

19 March 2018


1             Apologies


Moved Councillor Douglas, seconded Member MacKenzie and resolved;


That the Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee accept the apology for non-attendance from Member Hellewell.



2             Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.



3             Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.



4             Public Forum


There was no public forum.



5             Extraordinary/Urgent Items


Moved Chairman Guyton, seconded Member Newlands


That the Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee consider the following item as a matter of urgent business in order that a decision can be made before the next ordinary meeting, subject to Section 46A of the local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987


Item 1:  Mossburn Cemetery - Forestry Appraisal



6             Confirmation of Minutes


Moved Councillor Douglas, seconded Member MacKenzie

That  the minutes of Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee held on 30 October 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record.





Council Report

Record No: R/18/3/5143


Kelly Tagg (Community Partnership Leader) presented the report.


Mrs Tagg advised the purpose of the report is to provide an overview of key issues across the Southland District, as well as high level local issues from various Council units.


Mrs Tagg informed the report highlighted various issues of interest including;


·         Lumsden Railway Precinct upgrade

·         Tourism Infrastructure Fund

·         Long Term Plan 2018-2018

·         Community Governance Project and Representation Review


Mrs Tagg advised the general income for the Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee is within the expected budget.


Mrs Tagg advised that expenditure is over budget due to the higher than anticipated cost of the Westridge Walking Track project. Project costs were $10,400 which has been charged to the beautification business unit.  The ward contribution of $4,000 will be used to offset the cost with the shortfall from reserves.


Councillor Douglas highlighted the following issues of interest including;


·         Havelock North Water inquiry

·         Representation Review

·         Golden Bay Wharf





Moved Member Macdonald, seconded Member MacKenzie

That the Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee:

a)            Receives the report titled “Council Report” dated 28 February 2018.



8.0         Updates


8.1         Chairperson’s Report


The Chairman, Jim Guyton, reported on matters with which he has been involved    since the subcommittee’s last meeting which included;


·           Cluster meeting in Lumsden

·           Representation Review meeting in Lumsden


 8.2     Committee Reports


             Community Centre


MacKenzie advised that the next Community Centre meeting is on the 3 April.  The Community Centre Committee will be completing an upgrade on the toilets and all cupboard doors.




The Subcommittee noted the passing of two previous members of the Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee;  Members Ian Taylor and Gerald Coghlan.




Chairman Guyton advised that he has ordered spray and that the two damaged oak trees will be replaced.


8.3      Councillor’s Report


             Councillor Douglas reported on matters from the District Council table. These included;


·         West Dome guided walk

·         Issues at the NPD fuelling station in Mossburn

·         Lumsden Maternity Home update

·         Freedom camping working party

·         Cycletrail litter issues


8.4      Mossburn Cemetery - Forestry Appraisal


             Chairman Guyton reported that One Forest has submitted an estimate for the 4.5 hectare block of 30 year old trees at the Mossburn Cemetery to be harvested.


             Mr Guyton advised that the estimate return for the trees is $70,995 with the windrowing and replanting costs at approximately $1700 per ha. 




             Moved Member MacKenzie, seconded Member Newlands and resolved:


             That the Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee:


a)      Receives the communication titled “Mossburn Cemetery Forestry Appraisal” dated the 19 March 2018.


b)     Requests staff to prepare a report on harvesting the trees accordingly.





The meeting concluded at 8.15pm                       CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Mossburn Community Development Area Subcommittee HELD ON 19 MARCH 2018