Otautau Community Board





Minutes of a meeting of Otautau Community Board held in the Southland District Council Otautau Office, 176 Main Street, Otautau on Thursday, 5 April 2018 at 2pm.





André Bekhuis


Deputy Chairperson

Peter Gutsell



David Cowie



Maureen Johnston



Amber Joyce



Bill Marshall



Councillor Stuart Baird





Committee Advisor

Alyson Hamilton

Community Partnership Leader

Kelly Tagg


Otautau Community Board

05 April 2018


1             Apologies


There were no apologies.



2             Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.



3             Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.



4             Public Forum


Glen McDowell


Mr McDowell addressed the meeting expressing concern at the volume of heavy traffic on the Main street suggesting a Bypass with the view of reducing road noise and maintaining public safety.


Bill McDowell


Mr McDowell addressed the meeting expressing concern at the speed of the heavy traffic travelling along the Main street and supported Glen McDowell’s stance on this matter.


Tony King


Mr King addressed the meeting in relation to heavy traffic volumes along the Main street and supported Glen McDowell’s stance on this matter.


The Chair, Member Bekhuis expressed appreciation to Glen McDowell, Bill McDowell and Tony King for their attendance at the meeting and presentation to the Board.



5             Extraordinary/Urgent Items


There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.



6             Confirmation of Minutes



Moved Member Marshall, seconded Member Joyce  and resolved:

That the Otautau Community Board confirms the minutes of the meeting held on 9 February 2018 as a true and correct record of that meeting.






Council Report

Record No: R/18/3/6284


Kelly Tagg (Community Partnership Leader) presented the report.


Mrs Tagg advised the purpose of the report is to provide an overview of key issues across the Southland District, as well as high level local issues from various Council units.


Mrs Tagg informed the report highlighted various issues of interest including:


§  2018 Long Term Plan and Policies

§  Representation Review update

§  Te Anau Wastewater project

§  LED Streetlight replacement programme

§  Libraries

§  Community Engineer’s Update.  The following works have been completed within the Township;

Ø  humps on the BMX track have been removed to improve the track ride ability

Ø  rooves at the public toilets and plunket rooms have been repainted

Ø  painting of the Main Street bridge is underway

Ø  King street ditch is going to be cleaned next month

Ø  Council staff are reviewing the camera survey of the Main Street survey to identify any repairs

Ø  several dead trees around the town have been cut down

Ø  the streets in this year’s reseal programme have been completed with the exception of some driveways. Members queried the delay with the reseal of the driveways along Nantwich and George Street.  Staff to respond to this query.


Members queried the amount of $25,000 in the Hall reserve and sought clarification on what the monies can be used for in other words are there any tags that could mean that the reserve can only be used for a specific purpose.  Staff to respond to this query.




Moved Deputy Chairperson Gutsell, seconded Member Marshall  and resolved:

That the Otautau Community Board:

a)            Receives the report titled “Council Report” dated 13 March 2018.







Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson, Member Bekhuis, reported on matters with which he has been involved with since the Board’s last meeting.  This included the following:


§  advice that realignment work has recently been undertaken on the BMX track. Extra crusher dust is to be placed around the track in due course

§  advice of the heritage apples trees planted at the BMX track are looking good and have healthy growth

§  advice of seating at Holt Park having been repaired for the recent car show

§  advice of attendance at four cluster meetings.


Members provided updates on their respective portfolios as follows:



Members Marshall and Gutsell provided an update on activities they have been involved in the township.  These included:


§  park seat placed in cemetery

§  major break in water main

§  work proceeding on footpath work

§  update on progress of the War Memorial plaque

§  BMX track being enjoyed by the kids

§  seal edge around the township to be sprayed - Community Engineer has been advised

§  Alex McKenzie Memorial Arboretum recently had the security camera stolen and an attempt made on the donation box.


Otautau Promotions

Member Joyce reported of a very successful car show, a good turnout of vehicles and the public.


Parks and Reserves

Member Johnston queried progress of the painting of the toilets at Holt Park.  Member Gutsell responded that this is work in progress, the ceiling in the mens toilet is to be replaced and both mens and ladies toilets are to be painted.





Councillor's Report


Councillor Baird reported on matters from the Council table.  These included:


§  Southland Regional Development Agency update

§  Te Anau Waste water update

§  Ouvea Premix

§  MBIE - Stewart Island Community Plan update

§  Representation Review Update

§  Dog Control Amnesty






The meeting concluded at 2.58pm.                      CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Otautau Community Board HELD ON THURSDAY 5 APRIL 2018.