Colac Bay Community Development Area Subcommittee





Minutes of a meeting of Colac Bay Community Development Area Subcommittee held in the Colac Bay Hall, 14 Manuka Street, Colac Bay on Thursday, 24 May 2018 at 7.55pm.





Lynley Barclay



Ian Brinsdon



Nathan Cleaver



Juliana O'Connell



Councillor George Harpur





Group Manager, Services & Assets

Matt Russell

Manager, Roading

Hartley Hare

Committee Advisor

Alyson Hamilton

Community Partnership Leader

Simon Moran


Colac Bay Community Development Area Subcommittee

24 May 2018


Prior to commencement of the meeting Mr Hartley Hare (Manager, Roading) gave an update on the progress of the resource consent lodged with Environment Southland for maintenance work to the Colac Foreshore Road.



1             Apologies


There were apologies received from Members McKenzie and Cleaver.



Moved Member Brinsdon, seconded Member O'Connell  and resolved:

That the Colac Bay Community Development Area Subcommittee accept the apologies.



2             Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.



3             Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.



4             Public Forum



5             Extraordinary/Urgent Items


There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.



6             Confirmation of Minutes


There were no minutes for confirmation.






Schedule of Meetings for 2018

Record No: R/18/1/1687


1          Committee Advisor Mrs Hamilton presented the report.

Mrs Hamilton advised the purpose of the report is to approve a schedule of meeting dates for 2018 so that meetings can be publicly notified in accordance with the requirements set by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 following the Council adopting a meeting schedule for 2018.





Moved Member Cleaver, seconded Chairperson Barclay  and resolved:

That the Colac Bay Community Development Area Subcommittee:

a)            Receives the report titled “Schedule of Meetings for 2018” dated 14 March 2018.


b)           Determines that this matter or decision be recognised as not significant in terms of Section 76 of the Local Government Act 2002.


c)            Determines that it has complied with the decision-making provisions of the Local Government Act 2002 to the extent necessary in relation to this decision; and in accordance with Section 79 of the Act determines that it does not require further information, further assessment of options or further analysis of costs and benefits or advantages and disadvantages prior to making a decision on this matter.


d)           Agrees to meet at 7.30pm at the Colac Bay Hall on the following dates in 2018:

·        Thursday 24 May 2018

·        Thursday 23 August 2018

·        Thursday 8 November 2018




Council Report

Record No: R/18/5/10902


Simon Moran, Community Partnership Leader, and Hartley Hare presented the report.


Mr Moran advised the purpose of the report is to provide an overview of key issues across the Southland District, as well as high level local issues from various Council units.


Mr Moran informed the report highlighted various issues of interest including;


§  Climate Change

§  Roading Government Policy Statement

§  Freedom Camping

§  Auditor General Local Government Report

§  Community Futures Research and Analysis Work

§  Representation Review

§  Colac Foreshore Road update

Mr Moran advised that Council considered a report on the future of the eroded section of the foreshore road in November 2017 and decided to apply for resource consent to transition the rock rip rap in accordance with the NIWA report, finishing it at the end point of the existing rock.


Mr Moran confirmed a design has been received from Stantech for the Colac Bay foreshore protection works that Bonish Consultants will now integrate into Council’s consent application and engage with Environment Southland around resuming the processing of the resource consent.





Moved Member Brinsdon, seconded Member O'Connell  and resolved:

That the Colac Bay Community Development Area Subcommittee:

a)            Receives the report titled “Council Report” dated 23 April 2018.




Chairperson's Report


The Chair, Member Barclay reported on activities with which she has been involved since the Subcommittee’s last meeting.   This included the following:

§  appreciation to staff and Councillors for their support during a recent Family bereavement


§  request for feedback from members regarding a proposed information board to be placed in the Township


§  advice from the Colac Bay Progress League organising a fund raising evening in the Hall with monies raised to go toward a new Hall kitchen


§  request for draught stops to be placed at the two exit doors - staff to action


§  request for Surfie Statue to be sprayed for moss - request to be forwarded to staff for action.




Councillor's Report


Councillor Harpur reported on issues from the Council table which included:


§  update on representation review - Councillor Harpur encouraged members to make individual submission by the due date Wednesday, 6 June 2018


§  advice of Council tour to be undertaken of Forestry blocks within the Southland District area


§  advice of proposed changes to acquiring firearms Licences


§  advice of reduced funding for the Tuatapere Community Worker


§  advice of presentation to Council by the Rural Connectivity Group’s Engagement Manager, Caitlin Metz regarding mobile blackspots and broadband connectivity in the Southland area.






The meeting concluded at 8.13pm.                      CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Colac Bay Community Development Area Subcommittee HELD ON THURSDAY, 24 MAY 2018.