Edendale-Wyndham Community Board






Minutes of a meeting of Edendale-Wyndham Community Board held in the Edendale Presbyterian Church, Corner Brydone and Melvin Streets, Edendale on Tuesday, 26 June 2018 at 7.30pm.





Pam Yorke


Deputy Chairperson

Denise Fodie



David McKenzie



Melanie Shepherd



Calvin Wood



Councillor Paul Duffy





Committee Advisor

Fiona Dunlop

Community Partnership Leader

Kelly Tagg

Community Engineer

Shaun Holland


Edendale-Wyndham Community Board

26 June 2018


1             Apologies


There were apologies from Andrew Roy.



Moved Member McKenzie, seconded Deputy Chairperson Fodie  and resolved:

That the Edendale-Wyndham Community Board accept the apology.



2             Leave of absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.



3             Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.



4             Public Forum


There was no public forum.



5             Extraordinary/Urgent Items


There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.



6             Confirmation of Minutes



Moved Member McKenzie, seconded Member Shepherd and resolved:

That the Edendale-Wyndham Community Board confirm the minutes of the meeting held on held on 30 May 2018 as a true and accurate record of that meeting






Stormwater and Wastewater Update from Officers




Project and Programme Manager, Water and Waste Services – Bevan McKenzie was in attendance for this item.


Mr McKenzie updated the Board on the water and wastewater services. 



He advised that:

·         a meter is to be installed in the area to measure water usage in the Edendale and Wyndham areas

·         night time water usage is increasing and will be investigated to see if there is a leak in the system over the coming months.

·         a draft consent for Edendale water is in progress and that it involves obtaining two dry weather samples and one wet weather sample at each of the four outlets .




Council Report

Record No: R/18/6/13484


Community Partnership Leader – Kelly Tagg was in attendance for this item.


She took the Board through the report and highlighted the following from the report:

·         Water issues

·         Community organisation and volunteer sector shared services pilots

·         Catchment group

·         Southland museum consultation

·         Venture Southland Community Development

·         Operations and Community Services




Moved Deputy Chairperson Fodie, seconded Member Shepherd and resolved:

That the Edendale-Wyndham Community Board:

a)            Receives the report titled “Council Report” dated 15 June 2018.




Chair's Report

Chair Yorke updated members on matters that she has been involved with since the last meeting of the Board.  Her full report is attached as appendix 1 to the minutes.


She particularly highlighted:

·                Attending a meeting in Invercargill with numerous Council officers at which various matters were discussed.  These included

o      Electricity issues at te Wyndham camping ground

o      Memorial archway at the Wyndham camping ground

o      Levels of service provided by Council contractors

·         Development the north end of the wildlife refuge by the College

·         Skate park proposal

·         Attended the Council meeting on 18 June 2018 when the Council met to hear the oral submissions to the 2018 representation review initial proposal and also the deliberations following the oral submissions

·         Project Ark which is the Wyndham museum cataloguing their collection


During the Chairs report, officers advised that they had received a quote from Bonisch Consultants regarding the Menzies memorial arch.  The Board are keen to progress the matter.


The Chair also advised that she had been asked by the Council’s Strategic Property Manager if the Board would allow Fonterra to expand its boundary and take in some of the Edendale Recreation reserve.  This raised the issue of the intention of use for the reserve and that it was “gifted” for a specific use.



Moved Chairperson Yorke, seconded Member Wood and resolved:

That the Edendale-Wyndham Community Board:

1.         Request that Officers prepare a report seeking approval for payment of a report from Bonisch Consultants for the structural assessment of Menzies Memorial arch for approval as unbudgeted expenditure from general reserves for consideration at the Board’s next meeting.

2.         Request that a report be prepared on the history of the Edendale Recreation reserve to allay concerns over the intention of use of the ground and how Southland District Council acquired the land.



Councillor's Report


Councillor Duffy to update members on matters from around the District Council table.


He highlighted the following items of interest:

·         The approval of the 2018/2028 Long Term Plan

·         Attended an emergency preparedness meeting which had been organised by Emergency Management Southland

·         Attended the recent Te Rōpū Taiao meeting

·         Council had approved the collection of dog registration fees on-line.



Next Meeting


The Board noted that the next meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm on Tuesday 28 August 2018 at the Memorial Hall Wyndham, Balaclava Road, Wyndham.



The meeting concluded at 10.08pm.                   CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Edendale-Wyndham Community Board HELD ON TUESDAY 26 JUNE 2018.










Chairperson’s Report June 2018


A letter has been received from Wyndham Bowling Club asking to remove the Macrocarpa hedge on the West side of their permanent fence, for reasons outlined.  This was just to take it down to half the size.


History:  We have asked previously and they haven’t been interested.


Advised/asked them about full removal as we really don’t want to have to pay twice, ie remove half of hedge, then still have to trim it.


They have agreed, that full removal would be good, up to where their fence ceases.

We have asked for pricing to see, if it can fit in the next years projects, if there are any surplus’s, or whether it has to go into next years budget as a project.


After the last Community Board meeting, I had another list of concerns, of which I met at Southland District Council on the 8th May 2018 with 11 staff members, I’m pleased I didn’t feel intimidated.


Issues were:


Camping Ground – Reserves, power costs and who pays, lease arrangements, accountancy issues.

Result: Power being sorted with both the Edendale Rugby Football Club and Camping Ground, invoices for power being sent to Leasee, cost to upgrade camping ground won’t be as much now that 2 years’ worth of power has been invoiced approx. $10,000.

All power is being put into respective groups names.

Camping Ground upgrade was passed at Council level.


Memorial Arch – where to from here ie responsibility costs etc.

I have a report on costings to get assessed, not really answered, we could ask Council to pay for this, or maybe a contribution from the Ward.

At least to see the recommendations.


Budgets/Board Finances/Level of Service

Once I convinced staff that it was for information only, but we should be allowed no know what level of service is getting delivered, then knowing if we want to increase this level, we got on a lot better.


Gardens and costs associated – we agreed to disagree around costings first price received I believe is too expensive, as there is a component of travelling in this.

We have arranged for a local to quote now as well.

Southland District Council – think that the price is what it is, I don’t without proof.


Wyndham Wildlife Refuge – Mr Hustler has moved to the second stage of funding where he was eligible for $25,000 so I arranged a meeting with himself, the school, Department of


Conservation, Environment Southland, and Southland District Council Reps including myself and our two Councillors.

It was a great discussion and everybody hopefully understands the boundaries and responsibilities and what is required.  We emphasized with the College succession planning, ie we don’t want a half completed project, if a teacher leaves someone else must take it on.


Project Ark – Have met with David Luoni again, and he is working through which venue is more suitable.  He asked about having the meeting room modernized if he paid some rental up front, ie new floor coverings, paint, remove big table etc.

I think this is a great idea.  I have also been in touch with Trudie Hurst from Southland District Council – who spoke to us re Library update at the last meeting.

Going back to the Hall would be Plan B with the Library issues, so have discussed with her if that happened, what modernization they would require, so we won’t double up.


Skate Park Proposal – Interested parties have met with a rep from Venture Southland, and the first point of action is to put out a questionnaire/survey to all surrounding districts, regarding this proposal.

This will be analysed then a public meeting held if there is interest to elect a committee etc.


Representation Review:


Denise presented the community boards submissions at the hearings.  Lots of people submitted on The Community Development Area Subcommittee issues, but this wasn’t actually what the hearing issues were about.  The panel has now put recommendations to Council, which will be tabled at the 11 July 2018 meeting.


Payment/Donation to be made to Edendale Presbyterian Church and Wyndham Hall for meeting room hire.