Minutes of a meeting of Milford Community Trust held in the Real Journeys Fiordland Community Events Centre on Friday, 28 September 2018 at 9.30am.





Councillor Ebel Kremer



Rosco Gaudin



Tim Holland



Brad Johnstone



Jason Steele











Committee Advisor

Jenny Labruyere

Department of Conservation

Antonia Croft


Milford Community Trust

28 September 2018


1             Apologies


No apologies were received.



2             Leave of absence


At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.



3             Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of interest declared.



4             Public Forum


There were no members of public in public forum.



5             Extraordinary/Urgent Items


There were no Extraordinary/Urgent items.



6             Confirmation of Minutes



Moved Trustee Steele, seconded Trustee Johnstone  

That the minutes of Milford Community Trust meeting, held on 25 June 2018 be confirmed as a true and correct record.






Financial Report to 31 August 2018

Record No: R/18/9/20890


Councillor Kremer presented the report.


Councillor Kremer outlined the current financial position of the Trust which continues to have a strong position across the on-call and current accounts. 


Trustee Holland advised that the Walkway project is to be commenced on 17 October 2018 with completion expected by December and suggested that the funds for this project not be re-invested in any long term account to allow access to funds that will be required during the project’s development.




Moved Chairperson Kremer, seconded Trustee Johnstone  and resolved

That the Milford Community Trust:

a)             Receives the report titled “Financial Report to 31 August 2018” dated 18 September 2018.


b)            Requests funds for the walkway project to be made available for access as this project is developed.





Milford Community Trust Performance Report 2017/18

Record No: R/18/9/21334


Councillor Kremer presented the report.

1          Councillor Kremer advised that the report is to  provide the Trustees with the Milford Community Trust’s Performance Report for the 2017/18 financial year, and the Audit New Zealand Report 2018 for adoption.

2          The Trustees were advised that the Performance Report for the year ended 30 June 2018 reports against the objectives and finance budget set in the Statement of Intent for the same year. This report also outlines some of the key highlights and the Trust’s responsibility as a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO).

In regard to costings and funding the Trustees were informed that the Trust ended with a surplus of $113,199 compared with the budget deficit of $104,703.

The Trust were informed that the reasons for this are primarily due to ;

·    No decision has yet been made on whether to proceed with the Cleddau Recreation Centre therefore the budgeted $110,000 has not been spent.

·      The $46,920 for the Milford Emergency Response Team Leader role was not spent due to the funding and employment of that position being taken over by Fire Emergency New Zealand.


·      The Chairman and Trustees have not claimed all of the fees that they were entitled to claim ($12,249 saving).


·      $5,000 was set aside for project development and planning this has not been required this year.





Moved Trustee Holland, seconded Trustee Steele  and resolved

That the Milford Community Trust:

a)            Receives the report titled “Milford Community Trust Performance Report 2017/18” dated 14 September 2018.


b)           Determines that this matter or decision be recognised as not significant in terms of Section 76 of the Local Government Act 2002.


c)            Determines that it has complied with the decision-making provisions of the Local Government Act 2002 to the extent necessary in relation to this decision; and in accordance with Section 79 of the Act determines that it does not require further information, further assessment of options or further analysis of costs and benefits or advantages and disadvantages prior to making a decision on this matter.


d)           Adopts the Milford Community Trust Performance Report for the year ended 30 June 2018.


e)            Agrees that the Audited Performance Report be delivered to shareholders and be made available to the public by 30 September 2018.


f)             Agrees to the signing of the Representation Letter by the Chairman for the audit of the Trust for the year ended 30 June 2018.






Update on Invoices sent for the 2018/19 Concessionaires fees

Record No: R/18/9/21614


Councillor Kremer presented the report.


The Chairman advised Trustees that this year’s Concessionaires fees have been based on last year’s percentage share with the first quarter invoiced in September 2018.


The Department of Conservation advised a consultant has been engaged to assist with staffing and accommodation data including an accommodation monitoring project to provide updated detail so as to calculate the percentage share  to review concessionaire fees which is what this Trust has requested be undertaken.




Moved Trustee Johnstone, seconded Trustee Holland  and resolved

That the Milford Community Trust:

a)            Receives the report titled “Update on Invoices sent for the 2018/19 Concessionaires fees” dated 13 September 2018.







Fire Emergency New Zealand - FENZ

Record No: R/18/9/21431


Councillor Kremer spoke to this item advising that it was intended for a representative from Fire Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) to be present at the meeting however that was declined and a letter from FENZ was tabled at the meeting.


The letter tabled advised Trustees of a review of the Milford Sound Response Team (MERT) Team Leader role by FENZ which has been reconfigured and although FENZ is prepared to provide a service it is no longer providing the same services as has been over the past years.


In discussing the communication Trustees raised concern at the proposal and changes to the management and operations for the role.  Councillor Kremer suggested  he arrange a meeting with FENZ, Trustees and operators in Milford to gain an understanding of the position and work together to provide the same or better level of service as has been to-date.







Milford Road Alliance

Record No: R/18/9/21420


Cr Kremer advised he attended a recent meeting with the Milford Roading Alliance which is a forum to discuss not only the Milford Road but the whole of the southern roading system from Queenstown to Dunedin.


Items discussed included the following;


·         Re-sealing of the Homer Tunnel is due for 2019 season

·         Continuation of guard railing project on state highway roads in the south





Walkway Update

Record No: R/18/9/21432


Trustee Holland provided his update on the walkway during the Financial report, requesting funds be available for uptake during the development of the project which is to occur during October/November 2018.






Milford Community Association Report

Record No: R/18/9/21434


Association Member Brad Johnstone reported on the following;


·         Staff and locals in Milford are still wanting to see a recreation centre provided so there is the opportunity for activities under shelter which will complement the recreation pad.


·         Sport equipment for the recreation pad - Trustees requested this project be pursued and progress.  Trustee Johnstone to investigate a suitable supplier and progress the purchasing prior to the summer season.





Department of Conservation Report

Record No: R/18/9/21438


Ms Croft updated the Trustees on Department activities. These Included;


·         Kea Conservation Trust to visit Milford to look at ways to improve and monitor rubbish in the area where Kea are ingesting plastics/rubber which is killing the birds.


·         Staff monitoring in regard to compliance issues as the Great Walks open for the season.


·         Department are investigating the potential for a differential rate for the walking tracks for local as opposed to visitors.


·         Deepwater Basin river delta fan has built up again and potentially will require consent to remove the gravels.


·         Deepwater Basin issues with building consent restrictions and car parking areas in regard to height levels for commercial building requirements.


Councillor Kremer suggested a meeting be arranged with key stakeholders and operators to facilitate discussions to gain co-ordination amongst all parties and consider variations to consents for development in the area to assist with better strategic planning for Milford.






Chairperson's Report

Record No: R/18/9/21439


The Chairperson, Councillor Kremer, reported on matters with which he has been involved since the Trust’s last meeting, these included;


·         Various individual meetings held with concessionaires to discuss and determine support or otherwise for the proposed Recreation Centre for the Milford Community. 


Cr Kremer advised there is a desire and good level of support to see the recreation centre progressed however most would like to see a business plan be developed identifying costings, location and a management plan for future operations of the proposed centre prior to full agreement is given.


·         Working with Auditors to assist with the annual audit reports.


·         Recent on-site meeting with the Department of Conservation staff in Milford


·         Discussions with Fire Emergency New Zealand FENZ in regard to the MERT  position and role with FENZ.





The meeting concluded at 10.45am                     CONFIRMED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD AT A MEETING OF THE Milford Community Trust HELD ON 28 SEPTEMBER 2018.